Bilderberg Workshop

by WarRooster

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FDJ For those of you out there who wonder why us old stoners waffle on about the golden age of 70's hard rock then give this little gem a listen.
WarRooster have listened to those 70's classics and injected parts of them into every song on this album. Every tune contains a lick, a riff, a bass line that I recognise from one of those "classic " bands. Having said that WarRooster do put a whole lot of themselves into these grooves and achieve a balance that is both nostalgic and enjoyable. Favorite track: Paradise.
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Rob These dirty lot wizards from paradise have finally defeated the evil lizard though darkening the sun by sending in the drones from andromeda scorpenis. I will save the date of this communion. Well done, guys. Favorite track: Darken The Sun.
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8 burners. Listen loud and often!!! Pass it along to your friends for bonus fun!! Great at parties and family functions!!


releases June 6, 2022

Recorded at, North Mankato MN by Ryan Frederick, 2014.

Mastered at, Minneapolis MN by Adam Tucker, 2014

Bass:Keck, J.



all rights reserved


WarRooster Mankato, Minnesota

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Track Name: Lot Lizard
A thousand miles/ an hour of sleep
Time to start my midnight creep
Trucker stop 2 miles ahead
Get me some healin' from a devil in red

Don't need to be sweet and pretty to get down to the nitty gritty

Be my woman just for the night
Be my fix everything's alright
Little White Cross, cheap bottle of wine
Yeah, mama, we'll be feelin fine

Step on up in your painted jeans
Time to make you my truck stop queen
An hour later you'll be slammin' my door
Out on the prowl still hungry for more

Time-bomb in this suffering city
Time to get me a real bad kitty


Lot lizard, gettin' high
Snow wizard, got me blind
Got holes where your money should be

Lot lizard, why can't you sleep?
Track Name: Evil Wizard
Out in the hills/ past the seven sills
Off the beaten path/ Lives an ancient wrath
A figure in black/ roams the forest tract
Lurking in the dark/ with the devils mark, yeah

I am compelled/ drawn in by his enchantments
I can't break the spell/ driven mad by his commandments

Stay away from me, Evil Wizard
Please just let me be
Stay away from me, Evil Wizard
Please just let me be

One stir of his cauldron/ One cast of his spell
My family drowns in the wishing well
I can't deny his evil eye
Doomed soul to dwell in the depths of hell, yeah

When darkness falls/ I'm tormented by his demons
When ye he calls/ you too will be belivin'

Track Name: Darken The Sun
As I lie here awake/ I converge with the bottom
All these lines that I break/ Imbibe the hollow
Trapped beneath all these lies/ fate will come to pass
Time for taking the fall/ Line me up for the wrath

Lo, Behold the Beast of the snow/ Tells of secrets to show
Sent to bring me darkness and woe
Winds of doom, they are a'blowing to darken the sun

Blackness shivers my soul/ I can't break from the bottle
This hard livin' has taken it's toll/ All has left here but sorrow

Backed myself against the wall/ The screams they do echo
Hang myself with my tongue/ So hard to swallow it down

Track Name: Andromeda Scorpius
Track Name: Send in the Drones
Be sure the storm in coming - Send in the drones!!!
Come at you full speed runnin
Nowhere to hide your demons
Keep eyes on all you heathens


Conspiring while your sleeping
With secrets that your keeping
Control us with our sadness
Our masters laugh with madness


Take back the skies, those drones must die
Take back our lives, Degentrify, yeah
Don't fear the lies, be free me child
Tear down those walls and start those fires yeah
Take to the skies, those drones must die
Take back your lives, those drones must die, yeah!!!
Track Name: Paradise
Another nastified creation from the depths of interstellar space
Comin' 'atcha from the black expanse to reek havoc on the human race
High time to make a fashionable extrance, high time to make the earth quake shake
Get on your knees, time to start the repenting
Be good for goodness sake

They keep callin' me....THEY KEEP CALLIN' ME!!!

Old ways, destroyed and left behind
Doom brings new things
This world is mine, yeah!! THIS WORLD IS MINE!!!

Breakin' through with a funky fried death ray
Ring the moon with the Titan's glove
Heed the warning of Dr. Jones, baby
No time for love
High rise Godzilla stompin' with white horses in short supply
Get on your knees, time to start that repenting
We all dancing in the funeral pyre


Track Name: Save the Date
The morning light is ours alone
No one around to steal our sun
Empty rooms in empty spaces left behind
End of the world, it sure was fun

Let's sit a spell and talk about the weather
and how the winds brought change
brought us together with a plague
Love and death arranged
A date for us to be again

Unholy love was meant to burn
Like heathen gods of old
so hold me close until we're gone and then
the new skin blossom can unfold

Let's sit a spell and talk about the ending
and how the fires brought change
seared us together with a flame
Love and death had re-arranged
a date for us to burn in flames
to die again
Track Name: Communion
White lights flicker washing over me/ I'm not where I should be
This can't be happening/ must be dreaming now
So why can I feel everything

NO - Don't cut it, don't take it, don't hurt me this way
NO - Can't fight it, can't take it back, please don't leave me

Black eyes staring/ violating me/ In intimate ways just to see
Turning me inside out/ instruments of pain
Driving me insane


Mother, console me - take me in your arms
Father, embrace me - make this go away

Peaceful morning/ wake the sleeping dream/ things are not as they seem
Recollections/ never quite as sure/ I'll never be the same